We are a Members Only Mobile Community dedicated to Camping. We HONOR the use of our public lands!

Camping on our public lands is so much FUN! As boondockers we love the wild feel of being off the beaten path and we look for those special dispersed camping areas where we can feel the freedom of being in nature and all of her beauty. We rarely, if ever use RV parks or hookups because we invest in and use solar systems for our energy needs. 

We love and honor the fact that there are many free, 14 day stay areas around our country on public lands where we can be close to and enjoy our National and State Parks as well as BLM Managed areas! We also certainly contribute to the economy of whatever town we are close to. 

We want to educate people about proper camping methods and promote clean campsites ready for the next camper. We need more people to know the rules and how to personally care for our public lands so they are not restricted or closed. Setting a good example is extremely important to us. We are not enforcement oriented, we prefer to help educate others. 

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between Boondockers and area law enforcement or rangers. We want to be a part of the solution and we urge enforcement personnel to reach out to us to help us understand how to do this in the most efficient manner. We invite them into our camp as visitors so they can see first hand who we are and have open discussions on both sides.

It is important to us that law enforcement know that when they see one of our bumper stickers, they have just met a friend.

Watch Kathy talk about Boondockers United on Teardrop RV YouTube channel here: YouTube Interview

Be sure to check out this website for more indepth information about public land access: www.amlands.org

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