We are a Members based organization dedicated to camping responsibly and advocating for campers whenever and wherever we can.

Perhaps another way of saying it is this: Boondockers United is a member based, volunteer supported organization focused on the continued use of public camping lands and with the support of our members, fostering good public relations and relaxed interaction with BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and National Forest Service (NFS) management and rangers. Bridging gaps is important to us.

We look forward to working together to make camp, travel and the use of our national lands an even better experience!   We continue to fine tune our organization to meet the needs of our members.

Education is a big part of our organization as well. Educating the public about the benefits of camping on our public lands and how to do that responsibly is something we are very committed to.

Everyone worries that changes to laws surrounding our public lands may make dispersed camping impossible or limited. My vision of Boondockers United is to see it grow as big as the ARA and give us a voice where there is none now. Do you know that there is a National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds? (arvc.org) Do you know that they are a massive voice advocating for the use of RV Parks and Campgrounds as the ONLY solution for campers? Did you also know that Hotel and Motel associations are advocating for LESS camping because of the loss of income to their members?

WHO do we have? Dispersed camping needs a voice – BOONDOCKING needs a voice! We’re doing it! Join us now.

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