Our First Cleanup

On Oct 17, 2017 Boondockers United members came together to clean up trash left behind in Thousand Trails 14 day camping area outside of Cottonwood, AZ. Other members were present as well.

This mess was mostly the result of at least one charity organization who haphazardly “help” the truly homeless by graciously giving them a tent, 2 weeks worth of food (more or less), a little water and a trip to our public lands. They then wash their hands of these needy people. They do not return after the 14 days to clean up after the people nor even check on them. You can find these abandoned tents and supplies around the public lands in this area.

Can’t the charity organizations find a local landowner who would allow these homeless people to camp on their land? I mean at least maybe they would put a porta potty out there instead of campers arriving to human feces in the camp!

We at Boondockers United are committed to bringing awareness to the honor of having and using our Public Lands and keeping them clean.