Enigmatic Nomadics Snafu

As a new and upcoming organization with high expectations of bridging the gap between law enforcement and Boondockers, we need to address what has happened in Lake Havasu with Enigmatic Nomadics “Build out your Van” event.

The very first rule of thumb when planning an event of ANY size is to check with local regulations to see if a permit is necessary and if it is GET IT!! And that is exactly what they did not do. Can you really expect enforcement personnel to not respond if you have not gone by the rules?

I am quite sure they will all agree with this.

How does this affect us as Boondockers? It has a HUGE affect on us and it makes what we are trying to do here at Boondocers United that much more difficult but not impossible.

I must applaud Enigmatic Nomadics for their desire to help others and I’m sure that if communications were more open, more people and enforcement personnel will feel the same way as long as it is done legally with respect to area laws.

I need to point out that Boondockers United did not have any part of the organization nor planning of the event. I do feel that event planning is a necessary part of what we do so that we can make sure that it all flows smoothly.

I feel very confident that there will be many more events to help others, either by Enigmatic Nomadics or others who feel the need to offer support freely.

It would be great if we could cultivate relationships between our organization and suppliers who would like to offer a sponsorship to these type of events. Through the help of our YouTube members, we can offer great feedback of their products to the public in the form of videos as their products are installed and used. These videos would help others who want to do installations as well.

We certainly support helping others and we’re excited to be here and beginning the process of bridging relationships.

If you are a supplier or even law enforcement who would like to reach out to us, please do so! our email is: boondocker16@gmail.com