American Lands Access Assoc meeting

On January 19, 2018 I was invited to join an organization for their annual meeting and I am SO GLAD that I did! They are called American Lands Access Association and their website is:

I met with some members as well as John Martin (photo below). Their organization is based mostly on “Rock hounds” – Gem and mineral enthusiasts but their goal is pretty much the same as ours. I URGE you to look at their website because they have a LOT of information about public lands, etc. If you go to their “Links” page you will find us there as well.

What this meeting did for me was to open my eyes wider as to just how many of “us” their are out there. What I mean is there are many organizations and clubs who all want more open lands, less closures, more education and more say in what happens. I want you to just imagine what it would be like if we ALL CAME TOGETHER to have ONE UNITED VOICE!!