This is what we do as members!

We received this email today and want to congratulate anyone who does this. Pictures help, too.

“After hearing about and joining Boondockers United, I was feeling pretty fired up, so I cleaned up a dispersed site on BLM land near Virgin, UT. There are a couple aspects of it that illustrate a general template for success.

There is an annual event here, a mountain bike race. So there were lots of dispersed campers around. The organizers had a large dumpster installed out there, temporarily.

On the outskirts of the camping area, there was a disgustingly filthy site. I doubt that the mountain bikers had anything to do with it. It had probably been dumped there years ago by some local low-life.

When I went to the filthy site to clean it up, a motorhome was camped there. They had beaten me to it — the cleaning up, that is. At first they thought I was some kind of trouble-maker, but when I complimented them on the clean-up, they really glowed. There were a couple large items that I could remove with my van.

The large dumpster was still there, even though the event was over, so I dumped the junk in that dumpster, instead of having to haul it to the county landfill and then paying for it.”