Boondocking in Salida, CO 2018

We have set up a camp outside of Salida, CO for the week of June 11-18th. If anyone is in the area, message me and I will send you coordinates. We will return again just after the first of July for 2 weeks. We look forward to meeting our members or future members!

3 thoughts on “Boondocking in Salida, CO 2018”

  1. Planed on finding you But due to Van problems not going to make it. Hope to meet you one day.. Is their a group i am 71 and would like to find a group to travel with to learn the ropes.

    1. Hi James: Sorry to hear you’re having van problems. It will be great to catch up with you one day. There are several Facebook groups out there for boondockers, maybe try those?

  2. That’s a great addition to this website: saying approximately where you are camped. I am on the west side of Monarch Pass!

    By the way, Hartman Rocks outside Gunnison is still free, but with designated dispersed sites. (I am hosting there.) Fifty sites total!

    It wouldn’t take a huge group of Boondockers United people, camping in a certain area, to do a nice cleanup for the Forest Service or the BLM. As few as four people could pick up quite a bit of stuff in a couple hours.

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