The beauty of Boondocking

Here we sit, myself and my granddaughter, in a gorgeous forest just south of Flagstaff, AZ. There is a meadow in front of us and a small water hole that will soon be gone. The water hole is about 150 feet from us. The meadow is full of small yellow and white flowers and short green grass.  The pine trees tower all around us as we wait for our turn in the sun to power our solar panels.

2 nights ago, after we closed up the trailer for the night, our puppy began barking. I looked outside to see a herd of about 30 Elk literally playing in the water hole. Some were drinking from it, others were running through it and at least one was rolling in it. Young and old were running and twisting their bodies in weird directions and kicking up into the air with their hind feet in pure delight. The young Bulls were play fighting with their antlers and some of the calves were standing on their hind feet with another playing around.

We were awestruck!! I have NEVER in my life seen Elk play! We tried to get pictures or a video but it was too dark. So we just sat and watched in such a state of peace and contentment that it surprised me.

THIS is what Boondocking is ALL about!

9 thoughts on “The beauty of Boondocking”

  1. A great example of why we boondock, and we it needs to be preserved.

    Perhaps this theme should be added to our discussion forum, so people can contribute their own stories like this. We all have them!

  2. In addition to a discussion topic that contains photos, maybe we could make a slideshow out of the photos that people are submitting, and put that on the Home page.

    After all, a newcomer to this website should be immediately reminded of why this organization exists, and what better way is there to do that than knock the eyeballs right out of their heads with the Beauty of Boondocking?

    1. In the Forum, there is a box that says “img” – that is for entering the url of a photo you have uploaded to a photo hosting site like Photobucket, etc.

  3. That was an idyllic moment Kathy. I had to postpone my departure till November, can’t wait to get on the road. Hope to meet you and your granddaughter soon. Safe travels!

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