11 Courtesies of Camping

  1. Give me space – 50 feet between campsites works best
  2. Give me peace – Quiet time between 10pm-7am
  3. Give me a break – Don’t bother me while I’m setting up or taking down
  4. Give me respect – Walking through my camp is like walking through my yard
  5. Give me  consideration  – Don’t knock on my door – a shout out works
  6. Give me a clean camp area- Pack out your trash, nails or broken glass
  7. Give me honor – If I invite you to my camp, I am not inviting all of your friends
  8. Give me peace of mind – No political or religious discussions
  9. Give me security – Keep your animals on a leash and clean up after them
  10. Give me safety – Be sure your fire is completely out before you leave
  11. Give me my lifestyle – Obey the rules of the land you are on, or we won’t have use of it in the future

written by: Boondockers United