Medical Issues and Insurance on the Road

Hello everyone! I have put off posting this for various reasons but thought I should address now.

Last month (March 2019) I had my annual exam and mammogram and it came back suspicious. After an ultrasound and subsequent biopsy I learned that I have an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I am currently waiting for the first Chemotherapy treatment and then surgery. But that is not what this post is about, it’s about getting/having health insurance.

I haven’t much worried about health insurance since I started on the road 3 years ago but after adopting my granddaughter last year I decided that if I had to have it for her, I should get it as well. In Colorado I went to the state health agency and applied for and received health insurance for the both of us due to the fact that my income falls within the guidelines for free medical. We used my Mother’s address and were living with her at the time.

Then we went to Arizona and I put her in school in Quartzsite. The state (and any agency) wants proof of a street address for you with the date on the proof being within 10 days of the date you are applying for whatever. The way I handled that was by #1 – getting a PO box using the address on my drivers license. To get a PO Box I used my Passport as the photo ID and my drivers license as the photo/proof of address (even though it was Colorado) and a copy of my current Vehicle Insurance as the 2nd proof of address (they want 2 forms with the same address on them). Then I went straight to my bank, Wells Fargo and changed my address on my account to the new PO Box and went to the counter to get 3 temporary checks that had my name and current address on them.

The next step was to get a street address. I went to an RV park and paid for 1 night ($42) which gave me a receipt with a street address and space number. I took all of that to the state registry for insurance (In Arizona that is DES) as well as my 1099 from 2018 and my 2018 taxes. With all of that information I was able to apply for and get accepted into the agency for both of us.

I hope this helps you. I’m sure glad I have insurance!! You just never know what’s going to happen.