trash on public lands

There is nothing more disheartening than going camping and finding trash that someone left behind (or purposefully deposited).

I recently visited a fellow boondocker and the area was littered with trash. I’m sure that along the way you’ve seen the same thing. I don’t have an answer, but I have ideas.

I have often talked with others about putting together a “Camp Monitor” program or maybe a more politically correct: Dispersed Clean Camping Advocate (DACCA). This program would hopefully help with many issues. It is NOT a camp host program. With this program one of our members would stay on a certain location for a period of time to monitor the ingress and egress of all parties. This person would make note of noteworthy events and report those to our corporate office and/or the local ranger office for that area. It would more than likely involve a physical sweep through the area in order to complete their daily note-taking. No face-to-face interaction would be necessary. Anything that would require enforcement would be passed along in the notes and/or phoned in.

This program will help with identifying those who ignore public lands rules and regulations. Those R&R’s are so very important to ALL of us because as they are broken so is the system whereby we are given public access and freedom to roam.

How can this help with the trash issue? Just as speeding tickets aid in public safety, so this would also in a way that those who attempt to use our public lands for trash dumps will be identified and charged accordingly through this important program and our bridge to local enforcement officers.

I urge you all to join us in this effort. The annual membership fee is a mere $20 and we will send you a really cool bumper sticker! Click here to join now.