Boondockers United is an organization dedicated to Boondocking and Boondockers.

Our Goals & Objectives:

Goals and Objectives change over time based on many factors. This list will change and morph as we go along.

  • Increase our cleanup efforts
  • Continue to monitor Bureau of Land Management policy changes
  • Attend public BLM meetings, ensuring our concerns are addressed
  • Securing corporate sponsorship
  • Publish education material and provide in person educational seminars and weekend getaways.
  • Create a Members Only login area on the website (DONE!)
  • Develop an on-line newsletter for our members
  • To help members with special needs and promote helping others to learn more about Boondocking and it’s benefits.
  • Create a ‘Forums’ area on the Website.
  • Create a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization for educational purposes.

We have also implemented a new membership policy. BU members who participate at a cleanup event will have their yearly membership fee waived!

We look forward to working together to make camp, travel and the use of our national lands an even better experience!   We continue to fine tune our organization to meet the needs of our members.

Thank you again for actively participating. Our future holds unlimited possibilities!

Camping, Boondocking, and Having Fun!