Boondockers United is an organization dedicated to Boondocking and Boondockers.

Many people ask, “What is Boondocking or Boondockers?”

YOU are a Boondocker if:

  • You love to camp in nature with no hookups
  • You honor the use of our Public lands with respect
  • You pack out EVERYTHING you pack in (and most times that of past campers as well)
  • You abide by the area specific rules and regulations

Look, there are plenty of people who enjoy going camping in nature. Maybe you’re hiking, Rock hounding, off-roading, biking, etc – it doesn’t really matter why you’re there, it’s just that what sets a Boondocker apart is that WE CARE about the places we choose to camp and that means we are NOT a “Trasher” (someone who leaves trash behind in any form). Perhaps you are a “weekender” (someone who goes out camping on a part time basis) or maybe you’re a Full time Nomad, it really doesn’t matter the designation you have, we as Boondockers have a duty to uphold – To respect our public lands and camping areas in all ways.

Join our growing numbers and let’s make a difference!

Our Goals & Objectives:

Goals and Objectives change over time based on many factors. This list will change and morph as we go along.

  • Increase our cleanup efforts
  • Continue to monitor Bureau of Land Management policy changes
  • Attend public meetings, ensuring our concerns are addressed
  • Securing corporate sponsorship
  • Publish education material and provide in person educational seminars and weekend getaways.
  • Create a Members Only login area on the website (DONE!)
  • To help others learn more about Boondocking and it’s benefits.
  • Create a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization for educational purposes. In the process

We have also implemented a membership policy:  BU members who participate at a cleanup event will have their yearly membership fee waived!

We look forward to working together to make camp, travel and the use of our national lands an even better experience!   We continue to fine tune our organization to meet the needs of our members.

Thank you again for actively participating. Our future holds unlimited possibilities!

Everyone worries that changes to laws surrounding our public lands may make dispersed camping impossible or limited. My vision of Boondockers United is to see it grow as big as the ARA and give us a voice where there is none now. Do you know that there is a National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds? ( Do you know that they are a massive voice advocating for the use of RV Parks and Campgrounds as the ONLY solution for campers? Did you also know that Hotel and Motel associations are advocating for LESS camping because of the loss of income to their members?

WHO do we have? Dispersed camping needs a voice – BOONDOCKING needs a voice! We’re doing it! Join us now.