Bureau of Land Management Federal land policy

The Bureau of Land Management (aka: BLM) is governed by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) of 1976 and it’s subsequent amendments. You can read more on their website here: https://www.blm.gov/about/laws-and-regulations

The first paragraph of the 2016 presentation of the amended FLPMA reads: ” The Federal Land Policy and Management Act is central to everything we do at the Bureau of Land Management. All of the actions we take rely on the authorities that were built into this law by Congress and the President. We use FLPMA every day to guide our management of over 10 percent of the land in the United States and one-third of the nation’s minerals .”

The next paragraph says: ” FLPMA defines our mission as one of multiple use and sustained yield. This means thoughtful development in the right places to drive economic opportunities for local communities. It also means protecting natural, cultural, and historical resources that are simply too special to develop. And above all, it means working with a changing nation to make decisions that are balanced and forward looking.

After reading many parts and sub-parts of the Act, it’s a little confusing to try and quote certain areas because of the legalese used and other references shown. I would encourage you to go to the BLM website for more information.